Jen Clatworthy
Business Owner, Woodland Living

“For my business, Karen developed a specific marketing plan, including a 12-month activities calendar and advice on various digital marketing projects that we were looking into.

It was all very comprehensive and professional and it enabled us to bring focus to what we do. I really appreciated all of the effort that went into it.”

Tracey Cramond
Partner, Move Learn Grow

“When we were starting up our business we knew we needed to get to market quickly. Karen helped us to identify which marketing activities we needed to launch with and which ones we could leave until down the track.

Excitingly, we did launch quickly and sales have well exceeded our expectations.”

Gagandeep Singh
VP Marketing, Greyhound Australia

“Karen has the strangest ability to be absolutely calm in situations where most people will get all wound-up. She is a strategic thinker and a great project constructor.

Karen has the ability to think 360 degrees when building a project and then the energy and drive to follow through to the last bit.

Great analytical skills means she can report complex data in easy to understand language. A real asset in any team.”

Anthony Contoleon
Digital Analytics Specialist, Auto & General Specialists

“Karen has a strong marketing and sales focus with all the tactical and strategic projects in her control.

She is great at managing internal and external resources to achieve business targets and always communicates goals and tasks clearly to those reporting to her.

She is aware of the career objectives of those reporting to her and supports their development and ongoing education.”

Danni Sparkes
Marketing Manager, RAA

“It is helpful to be surrounded by professionals such as Karen who have an excellent work ethic and ability to delegate. I enjoy helping Karen and appreciate her ‘vision’, experience and knowledge. A great “mentor”-type figure to work with.”