About Karen Bickle Consulting

Karen Bickle Consulting is an Adelaide marketing company that draws on not just the 20 years of experience by its principal, but also on a professional network of suppliers across web development, graphic design and content production. Combined we can take your marketing plan and help bring it to life.

About Our Clients

Perhaps you’re a small or medium business owner that needs help to translate your branding into an online strategy, or you head up a large marketing department that needs a project completed but just doesn’t have the resources to get it done in time. We can help.

How We Work

With a passion for all things marketing and a drive to see our customers achieve their objectives through strategic planning, quality creative and meaningful insights, we’re easy to work with, we listen and get to know your business and treat it like our own. Our experience across a diverse range of industries means that we have implemented a wide array of marketing strategies and tactics and seen what works, which means less wastage of budget and more goals achieved.

What We Do

Our services include all aspects of marketing basically. We can develop a marketing plan, including developing key strategies and determining brand positioning, or if you already have this in place we can take your plan and help to implement one, several or all aspects of it. Alternatively, we can focus on translating your brand positioning into the online world across website developments, social media strategies or online advertising. We can also take specific aspects of marketing such as customer relationship management, advertising campaigns and customer experience marketing and implement these in a bespoke way for your company.

In all that we do we keep your customer in mind and align everything to your brand and vision. We are flexible and can work with you on an ongoing basis or just on a specific one-off project.

Want to chat about a tailored solution to suit you?