From digital marketing to integrated advertising campaigns, from CRM to customer experience, Karen Bickle Consulting is a dedicated marketing company in Adelaide that can help fulfil your company’s marketing objectives.

Strategy, Marketing Plans, Branding

Strategic planning and brand positioning is such an important part of marketing. With the right strategy and planning, a company can focus on a targeted set of activities that use fewer resources, provide greater impact and better results.


Determining which digital activities are appropriate for a business and the industry they are in, is a critical first step in establishing a company’s online presence.

Social Media

Social media is an ever growing and everchanging environment and it can be hard to know where to start.

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Creating a CRM and e-mail marketing program unique to your organization makes good business sense, but it can be time consuming to set-up and to derive incremental sales from.

Integrated Advertising

A brand or sales campaign can be an easy way to boost awareness, generate leads and convert sales.

Content Marketing

Having a content marketing plan that can communicate the essence of your brand and delight your potential customers can be an effective way of increasing your brand awareness, social media followers and web visits.

Customer Experience

A focus on providing a great customer experience has been proven to increase revenue for companies. Combining your business goals, your branding and a focus on your customers’ experience might be the point of difference your company needs.


Why Is Branding So Important?

For any company establishing your brand and brand positioning is very, very important. Identifying what is the customer benefit that your business provides, knowing your points of difference, identifying…

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“CPM is recognition of both formal education and successful application of your marketing knowledge and skills.”

Australian Marketing Institute

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